This morning we began with a bit of a review of a lovely bank holiday party and celebration - looking forward to the next one!

We mentioned some of the new publicity regarding the EU referendum and how entertaining some of them are! It's odd to think that the vote is only three weeks away now – hope you have registered to have your vote!

Speaking of the effects of the EU, we remarked on the fact that, in France and Germany for example, each country uses their own manufactured cars whereas in the UK and US, they use a lot of imported cars instead. We considered what effect an exit would have on national identity and imports, before moving onto our topic for the day;

Do we prioritise our time effectively to grow our business or get distracted by others?

Partners/directors in a business understand what the business is and how best it can work and so can do business management things instead of their direct business work. Often they can do these things better than external parties. These things can also act as a welcome distraction to ensure the time is used effectively. Studies have shown that intense concentration can only occur in 40 minutes blocks and so it does make sense to have multiple different styles of tasks to undertake unless time management is an issue of course!

Parkinson's law is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" (mirroring the fact that you grow to fill the space you live in!)

We diverged into the chemical composition of iron ore and Egyptians, to exploitation or lack thereof of employees and back to the intricacies of the status quo and how it could change in the future.