This morning we welcomed Stuart from Softec Ltd, based in Ilfracombe, who designed the system used by Softec. We discussed some of our past clients and the pride when you see them grow but also how the situation in firms has changed to a more Americanised view.

What benefits would come from attending a business breakfast?

For sole traders or single management businesses it offers an important sounding board for ideas and insight into other businesses. The help can range from significant changes to your business to small nuggets of information, both of which can be very valuable over a period of time.

For accountancy, generally it used to be the case that you didn't meet other accountants until networking meetings began in order to meet and discuss ideas then, it was agreed, it did make a significant difference to the way one member ran his practise.

People who begin in business, whatever the type, would benefit from a lot of help establishing themselves and why not make the most of the past experience of a collection of people who are willing to give their ideas.

Other than a legitimate excuse for a fry up and the useful titbits of information it is another chance to be sociable of course!

We also discussed the London properties rental trade and moved onto the European situation and specifically Turkey and their potential entrant into the EU. We considered the effect of the human population on various separate cultures and the change over a period of time with dilution of different cultures.

We did also move onto styles of organisation and how the NHS works (or doesn't!) and other large organisations which could translate some expertise to the NHS for efficiency.