Companion Dog Show – 21 May! 11.00am till 4pm – This Saturday

We are pleased to be hosting a Companion Dog Show for charity.  There are open classes for pedigree and novelty/fun entrants and it is Kennel Club affiliated as well!  Come on down!  All welcome, stalls, cream teas, barbeque, refreshments, ice cream.  EVERYTHING is for the Charity and is being organised and arranged by South Street Church in Braunton to take a group of youngsters out to Swaziland to help Challenge Ministries over there.  Each youngster has to raise a considerable sum for themselves too to cover the costs of the journey.  No revenue is coming to the Hotel at all.

It promises to be a fun time – and don’t forget – if you want to stay over we do have some dog-friendly rooms and self-catering cottages as well so what are you waiting for! 

For more details, see the Facebook page and  Please do come and support it - and all the hard work the organisers are putting into the event!  And no, you don’t have to have a dog – just come along and see what’s going on!  Please pass the word to your friends too and share on Social Media etc., it is on the Hotel Facebook Page too.

Internet and TV Fame

I am still swirling under all the publicity created from the TV notoriety – I had no idea the public would appreciate a little economics’ forecasting when engaged to demonstrate that you can use formulae almost to show whatever you want it to do in the end!!  I hope those peddling this sort of ‘stuff’ will take note that the Great British Public isn’t so foolish as sometimes they try to suggest it is.  If you missed it....

this clip of me speaking has been viewed a colossal 2.8million times on that Facebook page alone, shared by 75,000 people and commented-upon by over 4,500 people (I apologise if you have commented and I haven’t responded…!).  Add this to the 2.7million viewing audience of BBC Question time itself and numerous other places where it has been shared and downloaded and it is very humbling to think that such a simple statement has had such a significant impact. 

Of course, the only failure was that I did not mention Trimstone and its excellent Hotel, Cottages and Tyme Restaurant – ha!  However, people can google the clip and now find who it was – a lowly investment manager and financial adviser from North Devon who lives in an Hotel and left school at sixteen… so all you social media aficionados out there, if you want some tips on how to spread your marketing message I might have a tip or two for you and ‘hit’ success about which you could only dream….

Business Breakfast at Trimstone Manor Country House Hotel

Thursdays, 7.15am, we discuss business topics.  Open to all and only £9, please ring 01271 862841 or email.  Those in business or retired are welcome for business themed breakfasts including learning and counselling.  It’s VAT and Tax deductible.  We finish at 9.00am, to ensure your day isn’t interrupted. 
If you exercise fifteen minutes every day by the year end you will feel healthier and fitter. If you invest your time in the Business Breakfast, by the end of the year your business will be stronger too, with improved sales, efficiency and costs saved.  Why not try – but beware, its habit forming!  If you are a Hotel guest, you can attend without extra charge!  I mean, apart from sleeping, what else are you doing at 7.15am on a Thursday!

Our very best wishes

Philip & Helen Milton