Trimstone News – May 2022

Dear Guest

The special Platinum celebrations are happening next week and there is plenty to do!  We expect to be really busy as well though we do have some last minute Cottage availability and for direct booking guests, prices have been discounted to benefit you, especially facing all these horribly energy price increases!  We’d prefer to have guests here than not so take advantage of us!  Just check on or website where the prices feed through on the booking system.  We can take some short breaks too and give a fourth day for free!

The gardens are looking really lovely at the moment as well though you have missed the delightful azalea display now but the clematis are still doing their best for visitors!   It really is delightful We’ve also rescued 20 ex-battery hens and they are acclimatising themselves and becoming used to real grass, daylight and other birds with which to interact!  Come and visit them all and see the new poultry run – we have made it now where you can walk all the way around it and can see the water features at the bottom of the garden too!  If you’re not staying, don’t forget you can always pop-in for a cream tea – always recommend calling in advance to make sure we can accommodate your needs of course.  You can then see if you can notice the Blue Tit, Robin, Blackbird and Pied Wagtail, amongst the rest of the plethora of wild birds we enjoy here and where they have their nests next to the building!

Keypitts Offroad Adventures

All the Team had a great afternoon at Keypitts Offroad Adventures the other week, designed to put us in the right frame of mind for a busy season ahead!  Some novices really took to the axe-throwing let alone zooming around the delightful and beautiful venue on Quad bikes.  That was all finished-off with a lovely meal back at The Williams Arms in Braunton.

We are pleased to note that if any of our guests wish to book anything at Keypitts, they can do so direct and just mention ‘Trimstone’ in the coupon section of the booking form on to qualify for a 10% discount!  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with activities for your family or friends and just a few miles from us.

The humble bumble bee!

Lovely to help the local project for the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust recently as reported locally:-

Well what wonderful news we’ve had!    North Devon, covering nineteen miles from Saunton to Croyde and Woolacombe and Lynmouth, has been awarded the Country’s first and only World Surfing Reserve award!  Did you see that all over the national news!  That’s a great accolade and we are alongside Malibu and places like that.  We are slap-bang in the middle, equidistant from the two boundaries and only two miles from Woolacombe, the best beach in the Country, so fantastically positioned for your stay.

The VAT rules have changed and inflation is running-away with itself but do you know what?  We haven’t changed our prices for anything, whether our accommodation or our breakfasts and cream teas.  We shall have to succumb to the pressure in the end but we’re clinging-on for now, so take advantage of that whilst you can!

The Fastest Wi-Fi

Don’t forget we have the fastest Wi-Fi in the whole area, fully fibre-optic.  It is becoming so important and we know it is a special reason why people book with us.  We’re at a gigabyte per second!  We believe in free Wi-Fi. You need good internet, for entertainment – or for children and there are no restrictions on broadband width!



Wi-Fi and mobile signals nearby are still poor (check first before you stay elsewhere!) so no frustration here.


Booking Direct

Don’t forget too that if you book via our own helpful website then you will pay a lower price!  You cannot find a better price elsewhere regardless of what the agencies may say. Online travel agencies all take commission – some take loads but we give you up to 23% discount (depending on the length of stay, etc) simply by booking direct.  We want to give you the saving rather than paying commission so be wise!


Looking forward to meeting you sometime!  Enjoy this super weather and the beauty around about us meantime!


All good wishes.


Philip and Helen Milton