Trimstone News – March 2022

Dear Guest

What beautiful weather we are enjoying at the moment and with a few guests around to appreciate it with us here at Trimstone too!  It’s still chilly nights but actually pretty hot in the sun – spring is here with a vengeance; the first Chiff Chaffs arrived a fortnight ago and summer’s on its way!

The indoor heated swimming pool is open, yay!  Guests this year will notice the ongoing developments, redecoration and improvement to the Property and we hope you will be pleased.  We lost a couple of mighty firs on the drive (snapped-off like match-sticks), opening-up light onto the upper lawn which is festooned presently with one of our best daffodil displays we have had here – come and have a cream tea and enjoy them!

Soon we hope our cooped-up poultry will be able to enjoy their full run again – enclosed to protect the Country against Avian ‘flu.  It’s not nice for them at all.  The four pea fowl are strutting around as if they own the place of course, cheekier every day when it comes to scraps of scones and bread of course!  Albert is displaying his finery too – one of the best displays he has managed for years.  Gandalf doesn’t quite match with his white!

Platinum Jubilee Week & Weekend (End of May, first weekend in June)

Sadly a last minute cancellation by a group booking has resulted in all our cottages becoming available for what will be the busiest week of the year this year so if you are looking to come away then, often one of the best weather weeks of the year too, contact us soon as they will not remain free for long!  Don’t forget too – booking direct with us will save you up to 23% over what online travel agencies will charge you and that’s on rooms and cottages as there is no commission that way!

Bumble bees!

Our garden will look even more attractive this year I am sure.  We do our bit for insects and bees too and don’t forget that petunias and begonias may look nice but they don’t produce nectar so are useless as friendly plants.  Do research insect friendly gardening and have a look here: – Remember too, insects (and birds which eat them) are under serious attack so however ugly that caterpillar or whatever friendly plant of yours they are eating – give them a chance and encourage them – not kill them.

Solar Installation

Well we are now live!  Even without the sun, there has been a residual generation pretty-much all year round.  I am ‘told’ the rather expensive cost (though at least tax-relievable for a business) should not be considered as a capital outlay but in fact an advance payment on our energy consumption.  I suppose that has some credibility and if energy prices continue at super high levels (they will come-down in the summer, I predict) then the saving becomes more extreme as our sunshine doesn’t change in price!

Now the sun is out, we are over-producing significantly and the energy surplus is going into the grid at a meagre 4p a unit – what a swizz!  The next project will be to see some electric heating for the Pool – taking just a couple of degrees off the work of the boiler will save oil consumption but of course you have to look at the infrastructure cost which can swamp the energy saving.

Looking forward to seeing you amongst our lovely happy visitors this spring and summer!

All good wishes and for now and a happy Easter too.

Philip and Helen Milton