Dear Trimstone Manor Friend

Well, the sort-of green light has been given to allow hospitality businesses to reopen on 4 July!  Yippee – you can plan your holiday and we can plan having you!

Of course, what does that mean?  First of all, there are still rules and regulations to which we all have to adhere.  For example, at the moment our facilities are not available.  This includes the Pool, Sauna, Games Room and the Gym.  They will not be available in a week either.  We shall have some procedures and a health declaration for guests to sign before they can arrive too.  You will be able to enjoy the outside of course, including chatting to the poultry, peafowl and emus!  The gardens and grounds are here as well and the ‘play’ Tennis Court.  There is walking and cycling from the door as well of course!  We are never ‘crowded’ however and that will be a bonus compared to larger holiday park and hotels where that may still be very difficult, especially for those who may feel more vulnerable too.

An obvious question will be ‘when are your facilities going to be open?’.  Unfortunately, we don’t know and that’s not trying to be unhelpful.  It’s not that there is a rigid date set for this but there is also each establishment’s need to define its own safety policy and that could differ from whatever government suggestions there are too, to protect you, our customer, other guests and the staff.  We have a legal obligation to do that of course and also setting definitions of health and safety.  Of course we would not breach regulated demands (some will, no doubt) but otherwise things are not always clear cut either!  For example, we have had just a few key workers staying with us over lock-down, all separated and with big gaps in between stays in the respective room/cottage and then before we enter to clean but we have not provided any breakfasts or food.  Today, we are still not providing any food and on 4 July and for some extended time we are not proposing to offer any lunch time snacks or evening meals but gradually, with rules in place, we shall be offering breakfast and cream teas again.  The bar will not be open immediately either.

Some prospective visitors may decide to defer booking their accommodation till they have definite answers to some of their questions.  There is a big risk for them however that everywhere is filling-up very quickly as so many want breaks (especially during the school holidays) and they don’t want the risks of going overseas.  We can understand that.  So you have to decide what is important for you!

However, if you book accommodation anywhere it is on the understanding that if upon your arrival the facilities are not open to you then that does not vary your original booking and it would be unfair to expect that, especially where the business has already been struggling, let alone to react to the rules and changing circumstances.  This means that the price you agreed stands and you must plan your holiday based upon whatever else you are going to enjoy in the area there and if, as we all hope, facilities will be fully open for you as ‘normal’ then that is a great bonus!  If anyone says they can guarantee their facilities are going to be open for you say on ‘4 July’ then they are fibbing or misleading you…  of course, if for all the wrong reasons a total lockdown arises again and no-one can go on holiday then that is a different matter altogether but none of us even wants to think about that!

Remember too that not everywhere will be open and that will include attractions, pubs, cafes and restaurants.  Some will have closed-down sadly and all will have some form of social distancing which may restrict attendance.

Of course I am not saying any of this to deter you from coming to stay here and with us especially – we look forward to having a really lovely summer with all our guests but it is best that you are informed in advance both to avoid any disappointment and problems but also so we can all appreciate the first times for most of us in having guests for a long time and also for you to be having a great holiday too!


I am sorry to say that our availability is very limited in our cottages already so if you want to come, don’t delay!  The Hotel has more space left and rooms are priced on a ‘room only’ basis with discounts the longer you choose to stay (and our prices for all accommodation are designed to be far more attractive if you book direct and not via any agency or online booking companies).

Don’t forget our Parkland Caravan in the Amenity Field too; it is old but is refurbished and has all the mains’ conveniences you need and is far cheaper than a cottage too.  It is not starred but if the weather is nice, it is great for the family to have such a lovely location to enjoy – as well as all the facilities of course.


We have the fastest holiday accommodation wifi in the North Devon and Exmoor area!   At large cost we upgraded to go fully fibre-optic for better business effectiveness.   This is a super, unique fibre optic link direct to the local Exchange with Ubiquity ‘Enterprise Grade’ equipment.

The Hotel and cottages were slower than most of the Country but now faster speeds than 99% of the rest!  We have always believed in free wifi – whether residents or the cream tea or coffee visitor. People on holiday need reliable and speedy internet.  When I am away, I need to work and many others do too.  For entertainment – or for their children, it is important and so there are no access restrictions on broadband width for guests either!

This is not only for tourists but for business guests too.  The wifi and mobile signals nearby are pretty poor and not reliable so the frustration some face doing their work won’t be found here.  We shall also be open for conference facilities too when we can, so imagine streaming presentations – no interruptions or slow speeds – plus reliability and your delegates having great, free wifi.   The facility will encourage more guests (even out of season for those escaping for work projects to enjoy the surroundings too) but more morning coffees and afternoon teas as these guests have direct free access too.

So come, stay and see.  Average Broadband download speeds in the UK are 46.2mbps and upload speeds of 6.2mbps. Trimstone’s speed is 300Mbps download and 30mbps upload.  Our internet means you can download an Ultra HD film (70gb) in 31 minutes compared to 3.24 hours on the average speed.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime!

My very best wishes and keep safe now!

Our very best wishes,

Philip & Helen Milton