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Trimstone News

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend News! We hope that you had a great Easter!  We’re settling-in well at Trimstone, our new home too and looking forward to meeting all Trimstone’s old and regular guests and new as well so make sure you can you come and visit us!  This is us: Well, we are ready toRead More

Half Price Ceases Soon! (2020 deal now expired)

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend I do hope that you had a good summer – it’s certainly been very busy for us!  It’s amazing some of the stories about accommodation we have heard – is it really true that a large local camp site (with facilities, granted) is charging £86 a night, per person for camping

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Half Price Offer Ceases Soon! (2020 deal now expired)

Phew – what a summer, what a scorcher too – going from effectively closed to being full within weeks is no mean feat and for hospitality businesses to try to plan that has been a challenge!  We have been meeting some lovely people who have chosen to come

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Half-Price August! (2020 deal now expired)

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend A happy summer to you!  Whilst of course the pandemic is still very much there and we are all acting wisely and taking precautions, it is lovely to be busy in the Hotel and Cottages again and to have all our facilities available and being enjoyed by sensible guests.  We have

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Our New Website

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend Phew! We have enjoyed one of the busiest booking days for the cottages since we arrived here!  There is very little self-catering left for the summer now and it is the case wherever you search.  However, we still receive random enquiries for groups of thirty or forty for the height of

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Dear Trimstone Manor Friend Well, the sort-of green light has been given to allow hospitality businesses to reopen on 4 July!  Yippee – you can plan your holiday and we can plan having you! Of course, what does that mean?  First of all, there are still rules and regulations to which we all have to

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When Can You Holiday?

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend I hope that you have been keeping safe during these surreal times and when the tragedy of so many friends and families having passed-away is there as a shadow behind us all.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and that’s good news! WHEN CAN YOU

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Spring Is Upon Us

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend Spring is upon us and the clocks have moved forward, the nights are lighter and the sunsets are a joy.  It reminds us that summer is on its way, the sunshine, warmth, and more colour in our gardens.  With that in mind we must stay positive and especially at the time

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Dear Trimstone Manor Friend Things are changing daily. Just after I penned the last message and it went out a few days later, new measures were introduced. We don’t want to be joining the irresponsible in this crisis and the Government package announced last Friday allows the hospitality trade some respite in the face on

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Ilfracombe in Bloom

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend Well.  What an awful time to be writing.  However, I am going to start with two positive points.  The first is that it seems spring has arrived.  Nature is in action and it is lovely to see life ‘beginning’ again here at Trimstone, totally unaffected by the turbulence affecting us all. 

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