Spring Is Upon Us

Dear Trimstone Manor Friend

Spring is upon us and the clocks have moved forward, the nights are lighter and the sunsets are a joy.  It reminds us that summer is on its way, the sunshine, warmth, and more colour in our gardens.  With that in mind we must stay positive and especially at the time of COVID-19, we all need something to which to look forward to.  We are truly blessed where we are here at Trimstone, not only are we in the most beautiful part of the countryside, we have 48 acres to get out and enjoy on our daily exercise.  This is vital for everyone to do at this time of lockdown; it takes care of our mental and physical wellbeing.  It is also a time to connect with family and friends, to talk on the telephone and Facetime, Zoom or Skype; the contact for those isolated is important, especially the elderly.  A useful link for guidance:-


This is a time for us to reflect, appreciate what and who is around us.  Families are at home together, the pace of life has slowed down. For many, life before was running by the clock, deadlines and the feeling that some days just hadn’t  enough hours in them, to total lockdown, the car is on the drive and the door is closed.  So take the opportunity to talk to one another, listen and learn.  Cooking together, eating together and with no sense of urgency; it is quality time. This is a time we can really feel blessed for the people around us.

Nature did surprise us this week with an unexpected visitor, the baby Buzzard had somehow lost his parents and was found in the duck pond, rescued, over-nighted and placed back in a tree as is the right advice; we are hopeful he was reunited with his parents.

We don’t know how long the lockdown will last but we look forward to visitors arriving here again at Trimstone, soon and when we do, we hope they will like some of the changes we have made.  Rooms reconfigured, alterations and a general spruce-up ready for the season when it can finally begin and our deserted beaches and other gems in North Devon will once again be enjoyed by many.  Keep healthy, sane and safe till then.

Our very best wishes,

Philip & Helen Milton